Sunday, October 23, 2011

Incomplete wish

I’m a lucky person :) all my wishes come true, always. however, they never been complete wishes, and I never learned how to make a complete wish..

Last weekend I had a wish to spend 1 weekend day at home, which happened this weekend. Guess why?? tsammamet :S

I ate junk food on Thursday, w jd kanat men nefes, kter zaman ma akalet junk food. The effect started on Friday @2am, vomiting and diarrhea, and then went to ER @10am. Then back to home, I slept till 3pm and ended home alone for the rest of the day, coz mo 2adre a6la3; I needed to take my toilet with me.

See how lucky I am :) all my wishes come true, always!! 7mdella

Sunday, October 16, 2011

عزيزي نهاية الاسبوع

عزيزي نهاية الاسبوع.. لو سمحت ما تعيدها وما تيجي مرة تانية.. كوني ام عاملة يعني انا بدي نهاية الاسبوع عشان اشوف بيتي وعيلتي.. انا بدي يوم في الاسبوع اضل في البيت وما اطلع منو.. كتير صعب طلبي؟؟ مو حاسة حالي عم بطلب اشي يفوق الخيال.. لو بدنا نعمل حسابات بسيطة.. انا بشتغل 8 ساعات في اليوم.. بدي ساعتين الصبح لأجهز واطلع عشان معي بنت صغيرة.. بدي كمان ساعة المسا لأوصل عالبيت.. بدي ارجع اطبخ ونتعشى وانيم بنتي وانام.. ممكن اعرف ايش باقي في اليوم وقت اعمل فيه اي اشي؟؟؟

مع كل هاد حاسة حالي في بداية فترة اكتئاب عنيفة ولازم الحق حالي قبل ما تتفاقم.. عم بحس دايما بارتخاء ودوخة ومو عارفة اركز باي اشي.. ووجع بكل شبر بجسمي زي كانو بداية انفلونزا.. بس المشكلة انو صارلي هيك يمكن اسبوع...

يا ربي بدي يوم ارتااااااح.. السبت دايما عندي هوي يوم الطلعات الضرورية.. ازا في زيارة دكتور او مواعيد او تسوق او اي شي من هادي المواضيع اللي ما بتنعمل في الجمعة.. يعني هيك 6 ايام من 7 راحو... اليوم السابع المأسوف عليه هوي اللي بينحسب علي يوم راحة بس كمان ما بقعد فيه في البيت...

بكل هاد الموضوع.. اكتر حد لازم يوقف معي هوي اكتر حد مستكتر علي هاليوم... لو في حد بيهمك وحاسس انو في بداية مرحلة اكتئاب عنييفة.. مو الواجب توقف جنبو... بتصير انتا والحياة عليه...

شكلو لازم ادور على شغل تاني يعنى بامور المرأة والاسرة ويكون فيه الجمعة والسبت دوام واي يومين تانيين في الاسبوع عطلة... هيك بما انو الويكند محسوب علي انو اجازة ببطل اجازة.. والتعب هوي هوي.. بس في الاخر بيجي يومين في الاسبوع ما حد فاضيلي وبس برتاح فيهم

اللي بيعرف مكان هيك لو سمحتو يدلني عليه

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

(2) الطاقة النووية

خبراء : الموقع قريب من السكان ولايوجد مياه كافيه للمشروع وقد يتسبب بكوارث طبيعيه

ان شاء الله حد يقتنع بلغة المنطق والحقائق العلمية.. مع اني اشك :S

Feeling Helpless (2)

Quick sad update:
The husband died on Friday and she didn't see him, and she will not go to see her kids, as well.
Poor her.. May Allah be with her. Even if she's not Muslim, I think there is nothing wrong in praying for her.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feeling Helpless :(

Yesterday in a visit to close relatives, their servant received a phone call from her country and she started crying hysterically :(. they told me that few days ago her husband called her telling that they found a tumor in his brain and he will have a surgery.

The servant has 3 kids (the youngest is 3.5 yrs) and her husband was taking care of them in addition to his sick father and her sick mother. her mother is so old and she has diabetes. They cut her leg few months ago.

Back to the phone call, they call was from the hospital where her husband is. they told her that he had the surgery but he is not waking up at all!! he might be in a comma or maybe it is a matter of time, they are not sure :(. The doctor asked her to come and see him in case (god forbids) he never wake up again.

She was worried about her kids, as her mother can't take care of them.

This lady has been serving this family for about 1 year and 4 months so far, and I always have this idea that she is so naive and I'm almost sure that she is telling the truth.

She was crying so badly and we couldn't understand from her simple Arabic language what exactly they told her in the hospital. I really wished if i can do anything for her, and as it was 8 PM I couldn't wait for the morning to call the agency asking for translator, and finally 7mdella I found someone who can translate for me. long chain of translation: Srilanka --> Urdu --> Indian English --> Arabic

They told me that her husband woke up after the surgery, however, he has Amnesia. He can't recognize anyone :( he didn't talk yet and he can't see.

She wanted to go back to SriLanka to take care of her kids and mother, as her husband obviously can't do this anymore.

I really feel helpless as the family refused to let her travel since there are still 8 months left in her contract. They said that her little sister can take care of the kids and the mother, but I think she is so young and she can't depend on her.

What chances that she might be laying and that she made up all of this?? I don't think so. Can't it be that I'm the naive one who believes everything?? What can I do for her and how can I help her??

It's really slavery :( imagine (god forbids) that u have 2 yrs contract somewhere far away, and a dear relative life is in danger and maybe it's the only time u'll see him. Imagine that u can't break the contract and go to see him..

in Short.. I feel bad, helpless, confused, and don't know what to do!!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

My daughter’s 2nd Birthday was on 27/7 and the party was on 28. and it was by far, an7s youm mar 3aly…

The party was supposed to be a family party and it started with un expected guest who came without invitation w ma kan m7sob 7sabo. this guest awal mara befot beite and ana knt lesa mo jhze w labse malabes el sala :S as i thought eno elle jayen kolhom men el 3eile!!!

El beit ma kan lesa jahez and I left work 1 hr earlier 3ashn ala77e2 akamel tjhez. I cut my right hand so ma 2dert asht’3el bsor3a.. el zeene tarat 3ashn kan fe hawa w kanat el 7fle bara el beit..

kan fe balloons 3alihom (2) nset anfo5hom 3ashn knt busy thinking about the cake.. lama 7jzna el cake mfrod na5odha @6 w e7na ro7na @5 na5odha so knt worried enha ma tkon ready so nset el balloons.

The dress I bought for my daughter ba6al 3ajebha w ma 2blat tlbaso, bel a5er labastHa eyah bel ‘3aseb :( aham she fel mwdo3 her hair... nakash be tare2a 3mrha ma sarat!!! i was shocked eno eish feee!!! nothing changed, same shampoo same water, leih tyb heik sar!!

Our perfect camera elle 3mrha ma sarelhe eshe, 5erbat w sar bedha format w heye feha kol el video since 2 yrs ma nazalet eshe menno and I don’t have backup.. then my sister sawartna lama 6afena el shmoo3, bs then ektashfat enha nasye tkbes record :D what a luck!!

I have a sister who lives in Norway and wanted her to share the party with us... my dear husband eja 3a balo to format my laptop few days before the party and ma nazalle kol she 3alih as before.. so ektashafet eno ma fe msngr wala skype wala eshe so I had to install them during the party!!!

kna talbein sama3at lal laptop as I prepared a collection of kids songs my daughter likes. and the someone who should bring them, mo bas ma jab hadye, kaman nesehom :S

Then fel a5er ektashafet eno fe nas kano jayen w home saymen w farasho sofra la7alhom wel cake dabat (ice cream cake) la 5alaso akel. Tb3an 3akkole el kitchen w bahdalo el denia, then rawa7o be kol basata wala ka2nhom 3mlo eshe!!

My dear sweet girl, ya mama ana jd ba7ebbek, bs this will never happen again!!... next time nshalla ur party will be @school w 5elst w ra7at.. I think a3saby ma ra7 tsta7mel yeser elle sar mara tanye!!

aham she eno ana kter kter knt mbsota eno el 7fle 5lst.. 7mdella!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank You

"Thank you" kelme s'3ere compared to ur sweet gift :)

today I got the sweetest gift ever men 7abibi.. today is our anniversary and I woke up in the morning sara7a not expecting anything since 7abibi ma be7eb ye'3alleb 7alo usually w yfakker be hadye special.. kan dyman be7eb eno y5alene ana22e hdyte 3ashn ydman enha she ye3jebne w knt dyman atday2 3ashn ba7es eno lazem yfakker feye aktr :P

el mohem I woke up w l2et eshe m7tot be makan 3ashn ashofo... fata7to l2eto t-shirt.. 3aliha sora men ayam el honeymoon.. picture was taken tany youm b3d our wedding.. w katble m3ha 3al t-shirt eshe jameeel :)

really I was shocked and surprised and happy akeed..

didn't see it coming...

by far, hady a7la hadeye ejtne be 7ayate

Thursday, July 7, 2011

الطاقة النووية

البحث عن مصادر طاقة بديلة كان وما يزال أولوية في ظل الحاجة المتزايدة للطاقة نتيجة ارتفاع عدد السكان.. لكن الخطوات والقرارات الغير مدروسة بالتأكيد ستأتي بمفعول عكسي..

يعني بالعربي.. لما احنا دولة نامية.. الدول المتقدمة واللي بتفهم قررت توقف المفاعلات النووية اللي عندها لأنها اكتشفت انو مساؤها اكتر من منافعها... احنا ليه يعني عم نتفلسف وبدنا خاوة نعمل مفاعل نووي عشان الطاقة...  وبيرد عليهم مسؤول محترم بيحكي انو همي كان عندهم مفعل نووي من الجيل القديم.. اما احنا المفاعل راح نبني من الجيل الاحدث!!!! انو يعني احنا بدنا نعمل اللي ما عرفتو تعملوا

اضف الى ذلك ارتفاع نسبة اصابات السرطان في المملكة... يعني زي كأنو احنا ناقصنا مصايب..

طيب الدول اللي عندها فصل صيف وفصل شتاء والشمس ما بتطلع عندهم دايما.. قرروا يتجهوا للطاقة الشمسية باعتبارها طاقة نظيفة.. احنا ما شاء الله شمسنا كتير متأثرة بالاغنية (يا شمس لا لا لا تغيبي) وهي حسب الدراسات موجودة 350/365 يوم في السنة... كمان مرة احنا ليش عم نتفلسف والا بدنا مفاعل نووي...

وفي الاخر بيجي واحد بيحكيلك انو مديونية المملكة راح تزيد 18 مليار عشان خاطر المفاعل النووي...

يعني اي انسان بسيط بدون اي خلفية ثقافية معقدة بيفهم انو هاد الشي ابدا مو لازم يصير...

على الهامش:
التل: مشروع المفاعل النووي أكبر صفقة فساد في تاريخ الاردن

Monday, July 4, 2011

مسلم لمدة شهر

بغض النظر عن رأي البعض في تركيا وسياستها.. بغض النظر عن وجود اجندة خفية تحت نواياها الصافية، او عدم وجوده... لا استطيع الا ان اقف اجلالا واحتراما لهذه البلد الرائعة ومواقفها الرنانة
"مسلم لمدة شهر" هي مباردة تركية جديدة تهدف الى تعريف غير المسلمية بالاسلام الحقيقي عبر استضافتهم ونعريفهم بالاسلام بطريقة عملية ليست نظرية.. ضمن هذه المبادرة يجرب المشاركين انشطة اسلامية كصلاة الجمعة والصوم...
مبادرة "مسلم لمدة شهر"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

لئن تهدم الكعبة حجرًا حجرًا أهون على الله من أن يراق دم امرئ مسلم

Everytime I see pictures of what is happening in Syria and Lybia, regardless who is right and who is wrong, I ask myself; what is that they give to police and army to make killing people that easy and simple? I read about that 12 years old boy who was killed and I really want to know how could they do it?? Such massacres usually happen when religion or nationalism is the motive that’s why I can’t understand what is happening now.

Can money be the motive? Is it true that الفلوس بتعمي النفوس

I wonder what was the amount they paid them to kill their humanities and make them shoot a school bus.

What I believe that rabna ma beday3 7d. All those people will see it now and inshalla on judgment day. And what we see everyday on TV is just a proof that this is “7ayat el donia” and if everything went smooth and joyfully this means that we are in paradise; which is not the case.

الله ينصرهم ويثبتهم

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fe Progress

Yesterday I went to take my daughter from nursery, as usual. For the first time in my life, they told me that she bit a boy today so badly that it left a mark!!!

I was shocked and happy :D ya jama3a ma tfhamony ‘3ala6. I really felt bad for that sweet little boy specially when they told me that he is so calm and be 7alo.. and he did nothing for her. Bs bente is one of those kids who always beaten by other kids and she just cries. Wherever I go kids take toys from her and she just stays looking at them and doing nothing. And I never asked her to beat them back but I always ask her to go and get her toy back or to tell then “no”.

Not sure what is the real story bs y3ne inshalla fe progress. Maybe soon I’ll start seeing her taking “7a2ha” by herself.

And to end this nice story, we went and bought a gift for Sultan. And I taught her how to apologize to him. Inshalla she will give it to him today as soon as he arrives, since he wasn’t there when I dropped her in the morning.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Every time I look at my daughter’s eyes I wonder why can’t we keep this passion to life as we grow up? I love spending time with kids. They are easily satisfied and anything can make them happy. I think kids have it because everything is new to them. Imagine if everything you do in life, you do it for the first time ever :) maybe this is where we lost our passion to life.

Last week, I went to my sister’s and instead of spending the time with her, I ended up sitting in the room with my daughter and hers playing with balloons :) . They were extremely happy and I felt amazing.

I wish if people can live forever with the heart of kids.

Monday, June 6, 2011

"A man who treats his woman like a princess, was raised by a queen"

You must have heard this before; "a man who treats his woman like a princess, was raised by a queen". and I think we all agree about it. what I want to discuss is the reversed term of it.
For me, I think that man usually tends to judge women based on mistakes other women in his life did. and in best case scenario, list of women starts with his mother and sisters and ends with any relations he had with females before. When we read about marriage advices, experts always advise that the man should see how mother of the bride is, because they think the bride will be same as her mom. ya3ne: طب الجرة على تمها.. البنت بتطلع لإمها
And I'd like to add a new advice to the relationships world, the girl should check how the father of the groom is, because there is a great chance he will be another copy of him. also don't forget to ask well about his mother and sisters, just to know what mistakes you'll be judged for.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

why blogger??

I was planning to start a blog long time ago. however, recently, i'm starting to have a feeling the my memory is no longer enough to hold my memories, and i need to hold it somewhere else.