Monday, June 6, 2011

"A man who treats his woman like a princess, was raised by a queen"

You must have heard this before; "a man who treats his woman like a princess, was raised by a queen". and I think we all agree about it. what I want to discuss is the reversed term of it.
For me, I think that man usually tends to judge women based on mistakes other women in his life did. and in best case scenario, list of women starts with his mother and sisters and ends with any relations he had with females before. When we read about marriage advices, experts always advise that the man should see how mother of the bride is, because they think the bride will be same as her mom. ya3ne: طب الجرة على تمها.. البنت بتطلع لإمها
And I'd like to add a new advice to the relationships world, the girl should check how the father of the groom is, because there is a great chance he will be another copy of him. also don't forget to ask well about his mother and sisters, just to know what mistakes you'll be judged for.


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  2. Nice post.. I read an article once that woman must pay attention at how the father of her man treats his wife (7amat-ha) and daughters. because most likely this is how her husband will be treating her too.

  3. @Aseel: i never read this advice :D dayman kolshe i read heye advices for men 3ashn ye3esho 7aya sa3ede :)

  4. بدك تخربي بيتنا إنت!

    good piece of advice.

    what goes around comes around!

  5. @Haitham: looooooooool aked ma bde a5reb beit 7d, bel 3aks. what i meant eno usually men bekon fe balhom mowasafat about women based on previous experience marro feha.. starting from their relation with mom and sisters.

    شكرا عالمرور

  6. Yeah ... so much true :) the way he respect his sister and mother shall tell u so much about him

  7. @rare: heye msh bs 2osset respect.. things can be as simple as eno shabab beshofo their sisters take long time to get dressed, so beser yt3amal m3 his wife being so, 7ata law kanat btjhaz ablo. got my point :)