Thursday, June 9, 2011

لئن تهدم الكعبة حجرًا حجرًا أهون على الله من أن يراق دم امرئ مسلم

Everytime I see pictures of what is happening in Syria and Lybia, regardless who is right and who is wrong, I ask myself; what is that they give to police and army to make killing people that easy and simple? I read about that 12 years old boy who was killed and I really want to know how could they do it?? Such massacres usually happen when religion or nationalism is the motive that’s why I can’t understand what is happening now.

Can money be the motive? Is it true that الفلوس بتعمي النفوس

I wonder what was the amount they paid them to kill their humanities and make them shoot a school bus.

What I believe that rabna ma beday3 7d. All those people will see it now and inshalla on judgment day. And what we see everyday on TV is just a proof that this is “7ayat el donia” and if everything went smooth and joyfully this means that we are in paradise; which is not the case.

الله ينصرهم ويثبتهم

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