Sunday, October 23, 2011

Incomplete wish

I’m a lucky person :) all my wishes come true, always. however, they never been complete wishes, and I never learned how to make a complete wish..

Last weekend I had a wish to spend 1 weekend day at home, which happened this weekend. Guess why?? tsammamet :S

I ate junk food on Thursday, w jd kanat men nefes, kter zaman ma akalet junk food. The effect started on Friday @2am, vomiting and diarrhea, and then went to ER @10am. Then back to home, I slept till 3pm and ended home alone for the rest of the day, coz mo 2adre a6la3; I needed to take my toilet with me.

See how lucky I am :) all my wishes come true, always!! 7mdella

Sunday, October 16, 2011

عزيزي نهاية الاسبوع

عزيزي نهاية الاسبوع.. لو سمحت ما تعيدها وما تيجي مرة تانية.. كوني ام عاملة يعني انا بدي نهاية الاسبوع عشان اشوف بيتي وعيلتي.. انا بدي يوم في الاسبوع اضل في البيت وما اطلع منو.. كتير صعب طلبي؟؟ مو حاسة حالي عم بطلب اشي يفوق الخيال.. لو بدنا نعمل حسابات بسيطة.. انا بشتغل 8 ساعات في اليوم.. بدي ساعتين الصبح لأجهز واطلع عشان معي بنت صغيرة.. بدي كمان ساعة المسا لأوصل عالبيت.. بدي ارجع اطبخ ونتعشى وانيم بنتي وانام.. ممكن اعرف ايش باقي في اليوم وقت اعمل فيه اي اشي؟؟؟

مع كل هاد حاسة حالي في بداية فترة اكتئاب عنيفة ولازم الحق حالي قبل ما تتفاقم.. عم بحس دايما بارتخاء ودوخة ومو عارفة اركز باي اشي.. ووجع بكل شبر بجسمي زي كانو بداية انفلونزا.. بس المشكلة انو صارلي هيك يمكن اسبوع...

يا ربي بدي يوم ارتااااااح.. السبت دايما عندي هوي يوم الطلعات الضرورية.. ازا في زيارة دكتور او مواعيد او تسوق او اي شي من هادي المواضيع اللي ما بتنعمل في الجمعة.. يعني هيك 6 ايام من 7 راحو... اليوم السابع المأسوف عليه هوي اللي بينحسب علي يوم راحة بس كمان ما بقعد فيه في البيت...

بكل هاد الموضوع.. اكتر حد لازم يوقف معي هوي اكتر حد مستكتر علي هاليوم... لو في حد بيهمك وحاسس انو في بداية مرحلة اكتئاب عنييفة.. مو الواجب توقف جنبو... بتصير انتا والحياة عليه...

شكلو لازم ادور على شغل تاني يعنى بامور المرأة والاسرة ويكون فيه الجمعة والسبت دوام واي يومين تانيين في الاسبوع عطلة... هيك بما انو الويكند محسوب علي انو اجازة ببطل اجازة.. والتعب هوي هوي.. بس في الاخر بيجي يومين في الاسبوع ما حد فاضيلي وبس برتاح فيهم

اللي بيعرف مكان هيك لو سمحتو يدلني عليه

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

(2) الطاقة النووية

خبراء : الموقع قريب من السكان ولايوجد مياه كافيه للمشروع وقد يتسبب بكوارث طبيعيه

ان شاء الله حد يقتنع بلغة المنطق والحقائق العلمية.. مع اني اشك :S

Feeling Helpless (2)

Quick sad update:
The husband died on Friday and she didn't see him, and she will not go to see her kids, as well.
Poor her.. May Allah be with her. Even if she's not Muslim, I think there is nothing wrong in praying for her.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feeling Helpless :(

Yesterday in a visit to close relatives, their servant received a phone call from her country and she started crying hysterically :(. they told me that few days ago her husband called her telling that they found a tumor in his brain and he will have a surgery.

The servant has 3 kids (the youngest is 3.5 yrs) and her husband was taking care of them in addition to his sick father and her sick mother. her mother is so old and she has diabetes. They cut her leg few months ago.

Back to the phone call, they call was from the hospital where her husband is. they told her that he had the surgery but he is not waking up at all!! he might be in a comma or maybe it is a matter of time, they are not sure :(. The doctor asked her to come and see him in case (god forbids) he never wake up again.

She was worried about her kids, as her mother can't take care of them.

This lady has been serving this family for about 1 year and 4 months so far, and I always have this idea that she is so naive and I'm almost sure that she is telling the truth.

She was crying so badly and we couldn't understand from her simple Arabic language what exactly they told her in the hospital. I really wished if i can do anything for her, and as it was 8 PM I couldn't wait for the morning to call the agency asking for translator, and finally 7mdella I found someone who can translate for me. long chain of translation: Srilanka --> Urdu --> Indian English --> Arabic

They told me that her husband woke up after the surgery, however, he has Amnesia. He can't recognize anyone :( he didn't talk yet and he can't see.

She wanted to go back to SriLanka to take care of her kids and mother, as her husband obviously can't do this anymore.

I really feel helpless as the family refused to let her travel since there are still 8 months left in her contract. They said that her little sister can take care of the kids and the mother, but I think she is so young and she can't depend on her.

What chances that she might be laying and that she made up all of this?? I don't think so. Can't it be that I'm the naive one who believes everything?? What can I do for her and how can I help her??

It's really slavery :( imagine (god forbids) that u have 2 yrs contract somewhere far away, and a dear relative life is in danger and maybe it's the only time u'll see him. Imagine that u can't break the contract and go to see him..

in Short.. I feel bad, helpless, confused, and don't know what to do!!!!