Sunday, October 23, 2011

Incomplete wish

I’m a lucky person :) all my wishes come true, always. however, they never been complete wishes, and I never learned how to make a complete wish..

Last weekend I had a wish to spend 1 weekend day at home, which happened this weekend. Guess why?? tsammamet :S

I ate junk food on Thursday, w jd kanat men nefes, kter zaman ma akalet junk food. The effect started on Friday @2am, vomiting and diarrhea, and then went to ER @10am. Then back to home, I slept till 3pm and ended home alone for the rest of the day, coz mo 2adre a6la3; I needed to take my toilet with me.

See how lucky I am :) all my wishes come true, always!! 7mdella


  1. Salamat :) hope u r feeling better now :)

    and try next time to complete your wishes in a good and peaceful end :)

    ma teshofi shar :)

  2. @Haitham: allah yesalmak.. nshalla lazem antabeh next time

    @LioneSS: allah ysalmek, 7mdella am getting better.

  3. lol ...
    I always hear from old ppl, not to insist on sth! cos we don't know that its the best thing! & cos sometimes when we insist on things, they come the way we want but in a way we don't want to ...

  4. @rare: yes rare sa7 walla kalamek, things btser lama bndal nno2 3aliha, bs in a way we dont want :)

  5. May Allah always bless you,amen .Just found your blog.
    Follow each other.

  6. thanks Izdihar.. may allah bless u and ur life :)
    thanks for passing