Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fe Progress

Yesterday I went to take my daughter from nursery, as usual. For the first time in my life, they told me that she bit a boy today so badly that it left a mark!!!

I was shocked and happy :D ya jama3a ma tfhamony ‘3ala6. I really felt bad for that sweet little boy specially when they told me that he is so calm and be 7alo.. and he did nothing for her. Bs bente is one of those kids who always beaten by other kids and she just cries. Wherever I go kids take toys from her and she just stays looking at them and doing nothing. And I never asked her to beat them back but I always ask her to go and get her toy back or to tell then “no”.

Not sure what is the real story bs y3ne inshalla fe progress. Maybe soon I’ll start seeing her taking “7a2ha” by herself.

And to end this nice story, we went and bought a gift for Sultan. And I taught her how to apologize to him. Inshalla she will give it to him today as soon as he arrives, since he wasn’t there when I dropped her in the morning.


  1. بقدر أفهم شعورك و الله

    shocked & happy


    نفس المشكلة/المسألة مع ابنتنا

    شخصيتها عم تتحور :) للأحسن

    إن شاء الله

  2. inshalla 3ala tool lal a7sn w inshalla bnte ma t3od 7d tany.. aked ella iza daya2ha :D