Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Every time I look at my daughter’s eyes I wonder why can’t we keep this passion to life as we grow up? I love spending time with kids. They are easily satisfied and anything can make them happy. I think kids have it because everything is new to them. Imagine if everything you do in life, you do it for the first time ever :) maybe this is where we lost our passion to life.

Last week, I went to my sister’s and instead of spending the time with her, I ended up sitting in the room with my daughter and hers playing with balloons :) . They were extremely happy and I felt amazing.

I wish if people can live forever with the heart of kids.


  1. :) your post reminded me of the book "Sophie's World" I love this book!

  2. wooow Aseel u seem to be a good reader mashalla, everything 3ndk is matched to a book :)
    btw, i got the list of arabic books u wrote on ur blog a bde ajebhom :)

  3. زينة الحياة الدنيا بكل تأكيد :)

  4. @Haitham: yes aked since rabna heik 2al. btw, eish a5bar el men7a :D aked hal2 u r looking for universities to apply for. best of luck

  5. yee lolo you're so sweet khajjaltene! la wallah.. but this book does worth reading! i loved it le2anne ba7eb el falsafeh w el tareekh kteeeeeer.. i dont read as much as i used to tho :(

  6. thaaaaaaaaaaaanks :)

    راسلت 3 جامعات من وقت الطلب
    1 رفضتني "واااااااااااع" و 2 لسا بستنا


  7. @Aseel: ana kter ba7eb mwade3 el falsafe, bs bzha2 bsor3a.. kter bajeb books and i start reading, but i rarely end any!!

    @Haitham: best of luck inshalla bejek approval soon

  8. aaah ... darbte 3 3asab!
    that's why we love to stay in memories ...

  9. @rare: yes aked 3ashn we love memories, bs kaman we stuck in the period we are/were most happy in.. 3ashn heik fe nas btdal t7ke 3n ayam el mdrase, w fe nas btdal t7ke 3n ayam el jam3a, etc etc